How To Switch Account On Amazon App?

Paragraph 1: Amazon’s app is a great tool for customers to shop for products, track orders, and manage their accounts. However, if you have multiple Amazon accounts, you may need to switch between them. Fortunately, switching accounts on the Amazon app is a simple process.

Paragraph 2: To switch accounts on the Amazon app, open the app and click on the “Account” tab. This will bring up a drop-down menu with the option to “Switch Accounts”. Once you click on this option, a new window will open with a list of all the accounts you have linked to your Amazon app.

Paragraph 3: Select the account you want to switch to and it will be automatically logged in. You will see the new account’s information and can access the new account’s order history, profile settings, and payment settings. If you are switching to a different account type, such as a Prime account, you will need to enter additional information.

Paragraph 4: Once you have switched to the new account, you can log out of the old account. To do this, go to the “Account” tab and select “Log Out” from the drop-down menu. This will log you out of the current account and take you back to the main Amazon app page.

How do I switch between Amazon accounts?

Once you have logged out of your current account, you will be taken to the main Amazon website. From here, select the “Account & Lists” dropdown menu again and select “Sign In”. You will be asked to enter the email address and password associated with the Amazon account you want to switch to. Once you have entered your credentials, you will be logged in to the new account.

Switching between Amazon accounts is a quick and easy process. Understanding the steps involved can help make the process smoother and faster.

Where did switch accounts go on Amazon app?

Overall, the Switch Account feature on the Amazon app is a handy feature that allows users to switch between their Amazon accounts without having to log in and out every time. It is easily accessible from the settings page of the Amazon app and can be used to quickly switch between different Amazon accounts with a single tap.

Can you have multiple Amazon accounts on the app?

Having multiple Amazon accounts on the app is a convenient way to keep track of multiple orders and manage multiple accounts. You’ll be able to quickly switch between accounts to view orders and make purchases, and you won’t have to waste time logging in and out.

Where is menu in Amazon app?

Menu in the Amazon app can be found by tapping the three horizontal lines at the top left of the app. This will open the main menu, which contains a list of all the available features and settings. From here, you can access your account settings, browse through the Amazon store, find helpful customer support information, and more. The menu also contains a search bar to help you quickly locate the item you are looking for within the app. With the menu, you can easily find what you are looking for and get the most out of the Amazon app.

Is there a way to separate Amazon accounts?

Yes, there is a way to separate Amazon accounts. Amazon allows users to create multiple accounts, each with different payment methods and shipping addresses. This makes it possible to purchase items from Amazon without having to worry about whether or not the same payment information or shipping address is being used for all purchases. By separating Amazon accounts, users can easily manage their purchases for different purposes, such as personal or business.

Creating multiple accounts also helps users take advantage of Amazon’s various discounts, special offers and deals. With a separate account, users can easily access different offers and discounts, making it easier to save money while shopping on Amazon. Additionally, users can also keep track of their spending, as each account has its own individual purchase history.

Overall, separating Amazon accounts is an easy and convenient way for users to manage their purchases, take advantage of discounts and track their spending. With multiple accounts, users can have complete control over their Amazon shopping experience.

How do I change the account on my mobile app?

  1. Once you have selected the account you would like to change, tap on the “Change Account” option, which will bring up a list of available accounts. Select the account you would like to use and it will be automatically linked to your app.
  2. If you are changing the account for an app that requires a password, you will need to enter the new account’s password in the appropriate field. Once you have entered the correct information, the account will be successfully changed.
  3. After the account has been changed, you can start using the app with the new account. You may need to log out of the app and log back in with the new account information in order for the new account to take effect.
  4. In some cases, you may need to reinstall the app in order for the new account to take effect. If this is the case, simply delete the app and reinstall it with the new account information. Once you have done this, the new account should be ready to use.

How do I reset my Amazon account on my iPhone?

Resetting your Amazon account on your iPhone is a simple process. First, open the Amazon App on your iPhone. Once you have opened the app, select the “Account & Settings” option at the bottom of your screen. From there, select the “Reset Amazon Account” option. You will be asked to enter your Amazon account’s username and password. Once you have entered your credentials, select the “Reset Account” option. This will reset your Amazon account on your iPhone.

You may also be required to enter a security code. The security code is a randomly generated code that is sent to your email address associated with your Amazon account. Once you have entered the security code, your Amazon account will be reset on your iPhone.

Finally, once your Amazon account has been reset, you can log back into your Amazon account using your new credentials. You should now be able to access your Amazon account from your iPhone as normal.

How does Amazon recognize multiple accounts?

Amazon recognizes multiple accounts through its user authentication system. This system requires users to enter their login details upon accessing the Amazon site. The authentication system uses a combination of a username, password and account number to identify the user. Amazon also allows for the use of two-factor authentication, which requires users to enter a one-time code sent to their phone in addition to their username and password. This provides an extra layer of protection for users who have multiple accounts.

Amazon also uses cookies to help identify users and their accounts. Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on a user’s computer. They contain information such as the user’s login details, preferences and other data related to their account. When a user visits the Amazon site, the site can recognize that user based on the information stored in the cookie. This helps to prevent unauthorized access to the user’s account.

Amazon also utilizes IP addresses to help recognize multiple accounts. IP addresses are unique numbers that are assigned to each device that is connected to the internet. Amazon can track the IP address of each user who visits the Amazon site and can recognize when multiple people are accessing the same account from different IP addresses. This helps to protect against unauthorized access to user accounts.

Is Amazon in account same as Amazon com account?

The main difference between and is that offers products and services that are specific to India. This includes Indian products and services, local payment options, and tailored delivery options. Your account also allows you to access Amazon Prime, Amazon’s premium subscription service that offers free one-day delivery and exclusive access to movies, TV shows, e-books, and other content.

Overall, an account and an account are essentially the same. They are linked together and share the same information, but offers products and services that are specific to India.


Switching accounts on the Amazon app is an easy and straightforward process. All you need to do is open the app, select the Accounts & Lists option from the menu, and then switch to the account you want to use. Once you’ve switched accounts, you’ll be able to access the content and services associated with that account. With this simple process, you can easily switch between accounts on the Amazon app.

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