How To Delete Admin User On Mac?

Step 1: Open the System Preferences app.

Step 2: Select Users & Groups.

Step 3: Click the lock icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the window and enter your admin username and password.

Step 4: Select the admin user you want to delete from the list of users.

Step 5: Click the minus (-) sign at the bottom of the window.

Step 6: A warning dialog will pop up, click the Delete User button.

Step 7: You will be asked to enter your admin username and password one last time, click the Delete User button again to confirm the deletion.

Step 8: The admin user will now be deleted from your Mac.

Why can’t I delete admin account on Mac?

In conclusion, it is not possible to delete the admin account on Mac because it is a necessary part of the operating system and it provides the user with a level of control over the system that other accounts do not have.

Can I delete an admin user?

When deleting an admin user, you are essentially removing all of their permissions and access rights, meaning that they no longer have access to certain areas of the system or certain privileges. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead when deleting an admin user, making sure that the user’s duties are taken over by someone else, or that the user is replaced before the change is made.

In addition, deleting an admin user can have an impact on other users. If the deleted user was the main administrator, other users may be left without the ability to access certain options, or may not have the same level of access as before. This could mean that some areas of the system become difficult to access, or that certain tasks are no longer possible. Therefore, it is important to consider the implications of deleting an admin user before doing so.

Finally, it is important to consider the impact of deleting an admin user on the system’s security. Removing the user’s access means that any security features associated with the user are also removed, and any data they had access to is no longer protected. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the security of the system is not compromised by deleting an admin user.

How do I delete an admin account on my Mac without password?

If you need to delete an admin account on your Mac but don’t have the password, you can do so by using Apple’s Recovery tool. This tool is located in the Utilities folder and can be launched by restarting your Mac and holding down Command + R until the Apple logo appears. Once you’ve accessed the tool, you’ll be able to reset the password for the admin account you want to delete.

Once you’ve reset the password for the admin account, you can delete it by going to the System Preferences and selecting the User & Groups option. Find the admin account you want to delete and select the ‘minus’ sign at the bottom of the window. This will open a new window with a prompt asking if you want to delete the account. Select ‘Delete’ and then confirm by clicking ‘OK’. The admin account should now be deleted.

It’s important to note that deleting an admin account on your Mac will also delete all files, settings, and data associated with that account. Additionally, if you have other admin accounts on your Mac, you will still be able to access the files and settings associated with the deleted admin account. To ensure that the deleted admin account is completely removed from your system, you should also consider performing a clean install of the operating system. This will help protect your Mac from any potential security risks associated with leaving the deleted admin account on your system.

How do I change administrator account on Mac?

The first step to changing an administrator account on a Mac is to open up System Preferences. This can be done by clicking on the Apple icon in the upper-left corner of the screen and selecting System Preferences from the drop-down menu. Once the System Preferences window is open, click on the Users & Groups icon. This will bring up a list of all of the user accounts that have been set up on the Mac. From here, select the account that needs to be changed to an administrator account.

Once the account has been selected, click the Lock icon in the lower-left corner of the window. This will prompt for an administrator password. Enter the password and click Unlock. This will allow you to make changes to the account. In the User Privileges section, select the checkbox next to “Allow user to administer this computer.” This will change the account to an administrator account. Click the Lock icon again to save the changes and close the window.

How do I get rid of administrator mode?

Step 1: Open the Start menu by clicking the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Type “cmd” into the search bar and press enter.

Step 3: In the Command Prompt window, type “net user administrator /active:no” and press enter.

Step 4: Close the Command Prompt window and restart the computer.

Step 5: Log in using a normal user account. You should no longer be in administrator mode.

Why is there an admin account on my Mac?

Additionally, the admin account can be used to create other user accounts. This is helpful for families and organizations that have multiple users who need access to the same computer. It also allows the user to assign different levels of access to different users, so that each user has the level of access that is appropriate for their role.

Finally, the admin account can be used as a security measure. The admin account can be used to create passwords and other security measures that will protect the computer from unauthorized access. It can also be used to monitor the activities of users on the computer, to ensure that they are not doing anything that they should not be doing.


Deleting an admin user from your Mac is a simple and straightforward process. All you need to do is open the Users and Groups pane, select the user you want to delete, and then click the Delete User button. It is important to note, however, that deleting an admin user will delete all of their associated files and settings, so make sure you have backups of any important data before proceeding. With just a few clicks, you can easily remove an admin user from your Mac and keep your Mac running smoothly.

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