How To Change Mature Settings On Funimation?

Changing mature settings on Funimation is a simple process that allows you to control the type of content you and your family can watch. To begin, you must first log into your Funimation account. Once you are logged in, you will see a toggle switch labeled “Mature Content” located at the top of the page. Click the toggle switch to enable or disable the viewing of mature content.

If you choose to enable mature content viewing, you will be asked to answer a series of questions to confirm your age. Once you have answered the questions and confirmed your age, Funimation will allow you to access mature content.

If you choose to disable mature content viewing, Funimation will not allow you to view any content that has been rated for mature audiences. You will still be able to view content that is appropriate for all ages, such as cartoons and comedy shows.

You can also choose to restrict access to mature content by setting a PIN code. This PIN code will be required to access any content that is rated for mature audiences. The PIN code can be set using the Funimation parental control settings.

Once you have enabled or disabled mature content viewing, be sure to save your changes. This will ensure that the settings you have chosen will remain in effect until you choose to change them.

How do I change my account settings on Funimation?

Paragraph 1: Changing your account settings on Funimation is easy and can be done through the Funimation website. To access your account settings, simply log into your Funimation account and click on the “Account Settings” link at the top of the page.

Paragraph 2: In the account settings page, you will be able to view and edit the profile information that you provided when you first signed up for the service. You can update your name, email address, password, and other information in this area. It is important to keep your profile information up to date so that you can access your account with ease.

Paragraph 3: Another important setting to review on the account settings page is the “Billing Settings” section. Here, you can view your current membership plan, update your payment information, and manage your billing history. You can also make changes to your subscription plan, such as upgrading or downgrading your plan.

Paragraph 4: The “Security & Privacy” section of the account settings page is where you can set up additional security measures to protect your account. Here, you can set up two-factor authentication, which requires you to enter a code sent to your email or phone number whenever you want to log into your account. You can also update your privacy settings to control who can view your profile or contact you.

Can you change your age in Funimation?

No, you cannot change your age in Funimation. Funimation is an online streaming service for anime and related content, and the age you enter upon signing up for an account is used to verify that you are of the appropriate age to watch the content available. Because of this, Funimation does not allow you to change your age once you’ve created your account.

Funimation also takes account security seriously and requires that you use the same age when signing up for any subsequent accounts. As such, they cannot guarantee the security of your account if you were to try and change your age. Furthermore, Funimation reserves the right to terminate any account that is found to have provided false or inaccurate information, including age.

If you need to update the age you have associated with your Funimation account, you will need to contact the Funimation Customer Support team. They can help you update your age, and they may also be able to offer other solutions to help you access the content you want.

How do I turn off mature restrictions on Funimation?

Paragraph 1: Funimation is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of anime content. It also offers a mature content filter that can be used to restrict access to certain types of content. This filter is useful for parents or guardians who want to ensure their children are not exposed to age-inappropriate material. However, if you are an adult and would like to access the mature content, you will need to turn off the mature restrictions.

Paragraph 2: To turn off the mature restrictions on Funimation, you will first need to login to your account. Once you are logged in, you should find a “Settings” option near the top right corner of the page. Click on this tab and you should be taken to the settings page.

Paragraph 3: On the settings page, there should be a section labeled “Restrictions”. Click on this section and you will be taken to a page where you can set the restriction level for your account. On this page, you should see an option to turn off the mature restrictions.

Paragraph 4: Once you have clicked the option to turn off the mature restrictions, you should be asked to confirm your selection. If you are sure you want to turn off the restrictions, click the “Confirm” button and the mature restrictions will be disabled.

What mature shows are on Funimation?

Funimation is a streaming service known for its wide selection of anime shows. While some of these shows may be geared toward younger viewers, there are some great mature shows that are available on Funimation.

One mature show currently on Funimation is Death Note. This classic anime follows the story of Light Yagami, a brilliant yet bored high-school student who discovers a mysterious notebook that grants him the power of life and death. This psychological thriller will grip viewers and keep them guessing until the very last minute.

Another mature show on Funimation is Attack on Titan. This anime follows the story of Eren Jaeger, a young man who joins the military to fight against a race of giant humanoid monsters known as Titans. This action-packed show is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seat.

Finally, Steins;Gate is another mature show on Funimation. This science-fiction anime follows the story of Rintaro Okabe, a self-proclaimed mad scientist who discovers a way to travel through time. With its complex themes, this show is sure to make viewers think.

No matter what type of show you’re looking for, Funimation has something for everyone. From mature shows to lighthearted comedies, Funimation has a wide selection of great anime shows.

How do I turn age restriction off?

If you are looking to turn age restriction off, the process depends on what type of device or system you are using. Generally, you can turn off age restrictions by changing the settings in the device or system you are using. Here are a few steps you can take to turn off age restrictions.

If you are using a gaming console, the process is also easy. First, go to the console settings page. Here you will be able to select the “Parental Controls” option. Next, select the appropriate age range and turn off the age restriction.

How do I turn age restrict off?

Paragraph 1: Turning age restrictions off can be a complicated process and it is important to understand the basics before attempting to make any changes. Age restrictions are often used to protect children from inappropriate content and to prevent them from accessing certain sites. It is important to be aware of the potential risks associated with turning off age restrictions.

Paragraph 3: Once the settings have been located, the next step is to turn off the age restrictions. This process may involve entering a password or other form of authentication to confirm that the person making the changes is old enough to do so. Depending on the device or browser, there may be additional steps needed to turn off age restrictions, such as verifying the age of the user or selecting specific sites to be blocked or allowed.

How can I change my current age?

Changing your age is not possible, as age is a measure of the amount of time that has passed since your birth. However, there are certain ways to make yourself feel and appear younger.

Eat healthy and exercise regularly. Eating nutritious foods and getting regular physical activity can help you maintain a youthful appearance and increase your energy levels. Additionally, getting enough sleep and avoiding stress can also help you feel younger.

Another way to make yourself feel younger is to stay socially active. Make sure to spend time with friends and family, as well as take part in activities that you enjoy. Doing this will help you connect with others and look forward to each day.

Finally, you can make yourself feel younger by staying positive and living life to the fullest. Focus on the present and take time to appreciate the little things. Remind yourself that age is just a number and that feeling young is a state of mind.

Is Funimation or Crunchyroll better?

When it comes to comparing Funimation and Crunchyroll, there is no definitive answer as to which service is better. Both services offer a variety of content and features that are tailored to different audiences.

Funimation is known for its extensive collection of anime titles and dubbing capabilities. With a variety of genres, including action and adventure, comedy, and romance, Funimation has something for everyone. Additionally, Funimation offers exclusive titles and a wide selection of anime movies. They also have a large library of English-dubbed anime, which makes it easier for viewers to watch anime without having to read subtitles.

Crunchyroll is a streaming service dedicated solely to anime. Unlike Funimation, all of their content is in its original Japanese version and subtitled in English. While this may seem like a disadvantage to some viewers, Crunchyroll’s fans appreciate the fact that they get to watch anime in its purest form. Additionally, Crunchyroll offers a wide selection of simulcasts, which are anime episodes that are released at the same time they air in Japan. This feature makes it easier for viewers who want to watch anime as soon as it comes out.

Are Crunchyroll and Funimation merging?

With the merger, Funimation Global Group will become the largest anime streaming service in the world. It will have a library of over 1000 titles and will be available in over 200 countries and territories. It will also have a presence in both the physical and digital media markets, providing fans with a variety of options for watching their favorite shows.

Is Funimation moving to Crunchyroll?

The short answer to this question is no. Funimation and Crunchyroll will remain two separate streaming services. However, the two brands will be collaborating on content and technology. The merging of the two companies will bring together the largest library of anime and manga available for streaming. This will allow for an even wider selection of content for fans to enjoy.

Funimation and Crunchyroll will each maintain their own unique identities, brands and websites. The two companies will work together to bring fans the best possible experience from both services. This includes enhanced search functionality, improved simulcast offerings, and the ability to access both libraries from the same app.

The merger of Funimation and Crunchyroll is an exciting opportunity for fans of anime and manga. While the two services will remain separate, the combination of their extensive libraries will create a truly comprehensive platform for fans to explore and enjoy.

How do I change my age on videos?

  1. If you want to change your age on videos, the first step is to determine which video platform you are using. Depending on the platform, the process to change your age may vary. For example, if you are using YouTube, you will need to link your YouTube account to a Google account, which requires you to provide the correct date of birth.
  2. Once you have linked your YouTube account to a Google account, you can then log in to the Google Account to change your age. To do this, go to the Settings page, then to the Personal Info tab. Here, you will be able to enter the correct date of birth. Once you have made the change, click the “Save” button to save the changes.
  3. If you are using another video platform such as Vimeo, the process may be slightly different. To change your age on Vimeo, you will need to log in to your Vimeo account and go to the Profile page. Here, you will be able to edit your age, as well as other personal information. Once you have made the change, click the “Save” button to save the changes.


With Funimation, you can easily adjust the mature content settings to ensure your viewing experience is age appropriate. All you need to do is log into your Funimation account and adjust the setting in the ‘Account Settings’ page. You can also download the Funimation app and adjust the mature content settings from there. By doing this, you can have peace of mind knowing that your viewing experience is appropriate for your age group.

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